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Item: 001481 
Image of O-07-08 CD

O-07-08 CD

Preliminary Geologic Compilation Map of the Central Portion of Oregon. This publication in PDF form consists of a map derived from a spatial database of geographic information system (GIS) files depicting surface geology of the area. The digital files used to prepare this map have been published separately as part of the Oregon Digital Data Compilation, release 3 (OGDC-3), which also includes a Microsoft Access database summarizing all the unit descriptions by the original authors for each unique unit. OGDC-3 consists of data for the northeast, southeast, and central portions of the state. 2007
Publisher: DOGAMI
by C. A. Niewendorp, M. D. Jenks, M. L. Ferns, P. E. Staub, E. M. Taylor, L. Ma, & I. P. Madin

Size: CD-ROM

Price: $10.00


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