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Image of IMS-28


Oregon: A Geologic History (DOGAMI Interpretive Map 28) compiles rock units from the Oregon Geologic Data Compilation into groups reflecting the major events in the geologic history of Oregon. That history is dominated by subduction of oceanic plates beneath the western margin of North America. Late Paleozoic to Paleocene subduction accreted exotic terranes to form the foundation for the state. From the Eocene through today, arc volcanism has built a huge pile of volcanic rocks, capped by the glaciated volcanoes of the High Cascade Range. Forearc sedimentation from the Paleocene though today built a thick wedge of marine sedimentary rocks beneath the Oregon Coast Range. In the Miocene the Yellowstone hotspot triggered the Columbia River flood basalt flows which buried half of the state under thick black lava. The geologic excitement continued through the Quaternary, with ongoing eruptions from dozens of volcanoes like Mt. Mazama, colossal floods from glacial Lake Missoula and pluvial Lake Bonneville, tens of thousands of landslides, and subduction megathrust earthquakes on the Cascadia Subduction Zone every half century.
Publisher: DOGAMI
Interpretive Map Series (IMS)
Ian P. Madin

Size: 1:633,600

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Price: $15.00


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